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So excited to welcome Leslie to the blog with her first post today! You are all in for something so special as she shares a piece of her heart! Enjoy! 


To the man I love and the woman he used to be married to…

I guess I should start out with a confession. *inhale* I never wanted kids. *exhale* I never wanted to be a mother. It just wasn’t in my life plan. Nothing against kids, I love them! Just not for me. I got married at 25 and my husband and I both agreed on no kids. Fast forward a year and a half later, we were signing divorce papers. I dated one guy after my divorce and kids were still a deal breaker. Fast forward another year and a half later and I’m having coffee with this guy I met at Costco. He proceeds to tell me he has not 1, not 2, but 3 kids! Um…ok…3 kids. Great “baby momma drama”!

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Three Letters – part 3

An open letter to my boy’s other mother…

You and I began long before we ever met. I knew you from the moment I was a single-mama. Not in the way you know someone’s face or even their voice. The way you know their heart.

I began a constant prayer for you and about you. Digging deep into my own heart and growing a love for you. Telling my boys that someday you would come, some day daddy will love someone else and when he does, go ahead and love her too.
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three Letters – part 2

An open letter to the only man in my universe…

You and I are a story that was written long before either of us was ever born into the light gasping for air. He had a plan. I know it for certain, like the way I know my need for oxygen.

When I was a mama, alone with three boys, I began a prayer. A prayer that would last for a very long time, a prayer that He would answer the same way every time. The answer was you.

I learned to love you in the very deepest depths of His heart.

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three Letters – part 1

When you begin a story, you have to start at the beginning. The place where the journey is born and walk forward, as though the listener is traveling with you.

As I thought of the starting point of our story, three letters began to write themselves. The spelling out of gratitude and the nailing down of truth.

This is the first one.

An open letter to the man I once married…

You and I were children then. Broken, messy children. Both looking for the place that could be home, the place where the heart could belong. We were good friends. I always tell people that. We were very good friends, and maybe that’s all we were meant to be. But I’d never question it now for the glory of those three little faces that would not have been.

We created a life together. One that I worked so hard to make perfect for us all. One that to you, I’m sure, felt like putting a man’s suit on a toddler. We were children trying make a marriage work, and our wounds scraped the raw places of each other’s heart. And we kept trying.

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the elephant in the room

I’m not one to ignore anything. I tend to just go right ahead and bring it up.

So as we’re starting out here, I felt like we need to just introduce the elephant in the room and make him feel at home.

There’s a tendency to just let him sit there on the couch while we act like he’s not even there. But I think, when we do that, we allow him to grow bigger until he fills the room and makes us all uncomfortable.

Let me introduce to you to, Divorce.

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