We’re back, and looking back.

The last time I wrote here I was totally unaware of all the change to come. God was leading me to empty my hands. I laid down my writing, two flourishing businesses, and then a short while later a women’s ministry. In the beginning of that season I had no idea why He was asking this. But a few months later it was vividly evident when there were two pink lines staring me in the face.

Thinking back over it I’m astounded at the grace and timing of it all. And here I am now six months after the birth of our only daughter and the words are again just beginning to flow. The businesses sit dormant and I don’t know if they will ever be picked up again, or if there will be something new He leads me to. For now, I’m just so happy to be back here with you.

There are exciting things in the works for the next few months. I’ll be writing a lot about parenting newborns and teens. The amazing amount of parallels and vast differences that come with straddling those two phases, and everything in between. There will be a new series called, “Unfiltered”, where you will be invited along with my mother-half, Leslie, and I as we share our coffee dates with you, a bit of the inner workings of our relationship, and even a Q&A with us where you can ask us anything. And we do mean anything.

We are so excited to get these wheels rolling again. To share our adventures and catch up. Make sure to follow and don’t miss a thing! Thank you for your patience during our quiet season! Looking back I am so incredibly grateful for His leading to slow and savor the last year and a half.

This next season is just blossoming with amazing new beautiful adventures. We hope you’ll come along!

For now here’s a sneak peak of my latest stunning achievement.

Isn’t she just GLORY!?

Thanks for stopping by. See you real soon!

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