There’s a way to live in the fullness of love that brings wild joy to the smallest moments, richness to the sharing of hearts, and peace to the hardest spaces. That, my dear friend, is why you are here.

Welcome, we are so glad you are here! This space is really about you. You are here for a reason, you are looking for something. And whatever that is, we pray that you find it here.

Meet Loxlia.

This is where you look at me funny trying to decide whether to go with,”Oh that’s different!” Or the more common,”Oh what a beautiful name!” I’m completely good with both, so go with your instinct.

IMG_1707This space is a long time dream of my heart. My passion for marriage, blended families, co-parenting, and living simply, is ever growing. Here, I will share my heart on marriage and the glorious calling that I believe it is. The ins and outs of blending a family and doing it with grace and joy. The true gift that co-parenting can be when we take the time to take each moment to Him. And also a little on making your life less about stuff and busyness and more about people and relationships.


I know, for some of you that statement feels uncomfortable. It doesn’t seem to fit well and it’s tight in all the wrong places. So let me tell you a little about me and why I know it’s true.

I’m a Jesus lover, a wife, and a mama to four boys and one little lady. Yes, a mama of FIVE. Go ahead and take a deep breath, I get it. They are the fullness of the phrase “wild joy”.

I am a child of divorce. A child who was raised in a blended family. I have been a teacher, a personal fitness trainer, and have had a few of my own businesses over the years. I have been divorced and was a single mama to three boys, all while living 3000 miles aways from my family. I have lived a life of tight clenched fists and control, and in grace learned to open those small hands and truly let Him lead. I have weathered the devastation that comes with the unraveling of a marriage. I have learned to love in whole new ways and to trust Him with everything I have.

I don’t have it all figured out. I am beautifully flawed but recklessly Loved.

My passion for the state of marriages and families comes out of my own life experience and the experiences of those around me over the years who have shared their journeys. I truly can’t stop talking about marriage and the gift that it can be when we invest in it with the surrender of ourselves to His glory. I’m fiercely passionate about raising children that are desperate for nothing but Him in a world that teaches them they need everything else to be full.

We are a blended family. That in itself is not unusual. What you will find different about us is that we are still a whole family. We have prioritized our children to the point that what we now have is nothing short of miraculous. We spend holidays and school functions together. We sit on the front row together every weekend at church. We serve together. We get together for coffee. And none of that sounds unusual until you understand that means all of us. My husband, my four boys, my first three boy’s daddy and their beautiful bonus mom.

This is us.


Meet Leslie.

IMG_5288From time to time you’ll be blessed by the presence of my dear friend, Leslie. She is my boy’s bonus mom and godmother to my seeet girl, and she has agreed to be a contributor here. She is simply the definition of joy. When you first meet her you notice her radiating beauty right away, but what makes you catch your breath is the joy within her. I remember the first time I met her, I knew exactly why my boys loved her so much. Now I love her too.

She’s falling in love with Jesus all over again,  she’s wild about my boys and their daddy, and she has a heart with such depth it rivals the expanse of her joy. She’s fierce in every sense of the word. Loves tattoos and her sweet puppy, Petey. She owns 3Eleven Photography and is an incredibly talented photographer, you can find her work here.

She has also experienced divorce and so much of the hardness of life. Her beauty and resilience are truly a testament to grace. She loves hard and makes everyone feel their value. Her wisdom is gentle and effortless and comes from a deep place of knowing. She’s such a special soul and I’m so thrilled you will get to love her too.

IMG_5289Leslie and I can talk about ANYTHING and you can expect we will. If you’d like to follow along and journey with us, we’d LOVE to have you. You are the reason we’re here. We want everyone to have even a glimmer of what we’ve been blessed with and we want to walk right alongside you no matter what stage your journey is in.

Thanks for stopping by! We’ll see you real soon!